Lighting system based on latest LED technology

Whether you are selling food, home furnishings or clothing, your products need to be displayed in the right light. Meat should look fresh in the butcher case. The green sofa should be the same shade of green in the store as it is at home in the living room. And the blue sweater should look just as blue in the store as it does when the customer wears it at the office. With Capella in your store, you get flexible and cost effective lighting that allows you to highlight your products in the best possible way. The fact that it also saves on your electrical costs and thereby protects our natural resources isn’t too bad either.

The bright fixture
The foundation of any Capella fixture are the eight, pivoting globes. They have modules with LEDs and optics that you can easily replace with LEDs in other colors or lenses with other types of diffusion. The detachable modules make it easy to upgrade when more efficient LEDs come onto the market. There are four magnets on the top side, one in each corner. This means that you can quickly and easily mount the fixture on the metal rail that holds up the ceiling in your store. Then you connect the fixture to the electrical outlet and adjust the pivoting globes. You’re done in less than a minute. But Capella is much more than just lighting for the store. Capella has built-in intelligence. With a PC you can adjust the individual light strength and enter the color temperature and light diffusion for each fixture. Using the fixture’s built-in motion detector, you can get information about the flow of customers and much more.

All of which helps your bottom line. And last but not least, you can adjust and activate the light system from four control programs on your PC: customers present, no customers, night mode and monitor mode. Now you understand why we say that Capella is tomorrow’s retail lighting.

Now is the time to get your lighting from Capella
Determine which items in the exposed area you want to bring attention to. Then, as an example, mount LED modules with white light and a 17° light diffusion and aim the light at these particular items. In the next step, you mount LED modules with warm light and a 34° light diffusion. You can direct the light toward the object (for example, a furniture group) as a whole to create a cozy, intimate feeling. You can use the remaining LED modules to create ambient lighting in the location with a 48° light diffusion and warm white light.

Now all you need to do is balance the light 
Now you have set the base lighting. The next step is to balance the light to a comfortable level by using your laptop PC to dim each individual LED module or group of modules. This can be done wirelessly. You can also use your computer to enter various settings depending on whether there are customers near the area that you want to expose or not. The sensor in the light can detect if customers are present and adjust the lighting accordingly. For special occasions (for example, Christmas time), you may want to have red LEDs to highlight certain areas. In that case, it’s easy to detach any of the modules and replace it with a red module.

Zpecta delivers light that boosts sales and creates new experiences with intelligent LED-based technology.

A mature light based on quality LEDs that are easy to customize, control and change color tones. Provides high energy savings with long service life and minimal maintenance.