It started with a bright idea

We wanted to develop more efficient and smarter retail lighting, which would also reduce energy consumption and our impact on the environment. At the same time, we wanted to increase sales in your shops and department stores and reduce lighting costs. An impossible equation? Not at all. We solved the problem and brought our idea to light. We are Zpecta, and this first bright idea we named Capella.

Zpecta – Swedish quality at its best
Developing products in Sweden isn’t unusual in and of itself. But we have gone one step further. We have also decided to manufacture our lighting fixtures in Sweden. From design, construction, tool creation, manufacturing and installation. Doing all the manufacturing at home has several advantages. The term “Made in Sweden” stands for high-quality, but also much more. We when developed our first lighting fixture Capella, we did it together with the best experts our country could offer in terms of lighting research, industrial design and technology. The result became a more thoroughly thought-out fixture with several smart functions to which no other retail lighting system comes close.

That’s why we don’t hesitate to say that Capella is a bright light fixture.


Zpecta is a lighting company with design, construction and production in Sweden. Zpecta manufactures and markets environmentally friendly LED lighting with built-in intelligence for public environments.

A mature light based on quality LEDs that are easy to customize, control and change color tones. Provides high energy savings with long service life and minimal maintenance.