Zpecta AB selected by George Washington University

March 4, 2011 
Zpecta AB takes a lot of pleasure in a tough competition and was selected as one of four Swedish, green-tech companies who will receive a highly qualified marketing research study and market entry plan for free from MBA students at George Washington University in Washington DC, USA. The Mälardalen Chamber of Commerce in Västerås, and Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in Gothenburg are acting as the contacts for the university faculty responsible for the project.

The work will be completed from March to May, and in mid-May the students will visit Sweden along with staff from the university in order to meet the respective companies and present the results of their work.

The value of similar market research and marketing surveys can be estimated in the range of several hundred thousand kronor. Zpecta’s commitment consists of providing answers to the students’ questions one day a week via email or Skype and of providing any supporting documentation needed for their work, etc. In total, Zpecta and the other chosen companies estimate that 12-14 days will be needed to be set aside for the project, including meetings with the students in May.

The Swedish companies, five of them, who were selected last year include Swebo Bioenergy International, IB Cleaning, I-Tech, Taurus Energy and ClimateWell. According to reports, the Swedish companies were very satisfied with the results, as iin the quote below:

“I am very impressed by their ability to grasp our product and its impact on operations in container maintenance. On a scale from 1 to 5 I would rate this part of the groups work as a strong 5,” says Erik Jansson, Chief Marketing Officer at IB Cleaning, a Swedish green-tech company. He says that the report the students presented “gives us invaluable information on the overall cleaning situation in the U.S. as well as more specific leads towards authorities, NGOs and other important entities. It will play a major role when we do the strategic and tactical planning for entering the U.S. market.”

Som ”Team Zpecta-studenterna” uttrycker det i sin payoff:

”Zpecta Capella: Light, efficiency and commercial intelligence – all at your fingertips”