Decorating with light requires knowledge. 
This is why we have created a School of Lighting.

In simple terms, there are two types of retail lighting: general lighting and display lighting. General lighting is designed to light up the room and give the customer a positive experience. Display lighting creates lighting that brings attention to the products in your store and thereby increases the customer’s willingness to make a purchase.

Whether you are selling food, home furnishings or clothing, your products need to be displayed in the right light. Meat should look fresh in the butcher case. The green sofa should be the same shade of green in the store as it is at home in the living room. And that red sweater should look just as red in the office as it did in the store. With the right equipment and knowledge, it isn’t particularly difficult to use lighting to create the right atmosphere in a store. At our School of Lighting, you learn the basic concepts in terms of using light as a decorating element. We created Zpecta’s School of Lighting with the country’s leading experts and researchers in the field of lighting. It includes everything from an introductory lesson in lighting, to workshops and practical exercises.

Zpecta delivers light that boosts sales and creates new experiences with intelligent LED-based technology.

A mature light based on quality LEDs that are easy to customize, control and change color tones. Provides high energy savings with long service life and minimal maintenance.